What’s a PAC? 

PAC standing for “Political Action Committee,” is an advocacy group that spends raised funds to achieve its political goals.

What is a Super PAC?

A super PAC is an independent organization similar to a federal PAC. Super PACs are unique however in that they are allowed to accept unlimited contributions from corporations and individuals whereas federal PACs have legal limits on the size of contributions they can receive from any given individual. Super PACs are not directly connected to any candidate or party but can spend on electioneering efforts (ads, canvassing, bumper stickers etc.) independent from any organized campaign.

What Type of Organization is Politics*Reimagined?

Politics Reimagined is a super PAC capable of accepting unlimited contributions.

Where does Politics*Reimagined’s money go?

Currently we are focused on the 2014 federal midterm elections. We intend to spend money on several different races across the country that we will announce closer to the election. We will select candidates based upon a combination of their compatibility with Politics*Reimagined’s mission and our supporters input. Our money goes directly to electioneering efforts that are explained under our How We Spend section.

Do We Have any Say in Which Candidates Politics*Reimagined Supports?

Yes! As we get closer to election season we intend to roll out surveys for our supporters to determine which races they would like to see Politics*Reimagined take a stance in.

Does Politics*Reimagined have any Partisan Affiliation?

No, and we intend to support both Democratic and Republican candidates.

I’ve Signed up for Politics*Reimagined on your Site (and Various Social Media); What Else Can I do?

We appreciate you already taking the time to sign up and hope you stay posted. We will be rolling out volunteer opportunities late this summer and next fall and would love your participation. We are currently accepting donations via our website and any donation you make matters. In the mean time spreading the word is huge, tell your friends, networks and families about our organization and help us build the support we need to make reimagining politics a reality.

I Have a Question and/or Suggestion how can I Get in Touch?

Please use our Contact page; we look forward to hearing from you.