A New Kind Of

Politics*Reimagined strives to reunite American politics and the American People. Our goal is to represent a new generation of cooperative political interests.

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We Are

Politics*Reimagined is the new generation’s PAC. We are a youth driven organization committed to restoring transparency, accountability, and most of all, cooperation to politics.

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American politics is becoming increasingly polarized and dysfunctional. Something needs to change; Politics*Reimagined is that change. Our mission is to support innovative Democratic and Republican candidates who are willing to better represent the American people by reaching beyond the aisle and working together across party lines.

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We Spend

Donations to Politics*Reimagined are guaranteed to make a real world difference.

Politics*Reimagined is a low-cost group focused on devoting as much of its budget as possible to pragmatic endeavors aligned with its mission.

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